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                The e*pub Grup members have amassed a large experience in the  
        organization of scientific events on a wide range of domains, such as Medical  
        Informatics, Internet/WWW, Electronic Publications in the Internet, etc.:  

              Talks, lectures and conferences ;  
              Congresses, seminars and workshops ;  
              Panels and round-tables in medically-oriented congresses ;  

                The e*pub group is also prepared to carry out all phases of organization of  
        scientific events, including preparation of the budget, planning, production of folders  
        and posters, electronic and media advertisement, technical expertise for chosing  
        and installing lab demonstration equipment, etc.  

                People interested in formal proposals containing price and deadline estimate,  
        should contact us at:  

              Valdenize Tiziani, Phd, General Coordinator   
              Renato M.E. Sabbatini, PhD, Technical Coordinator  


Center for Biomedical Informatics
State University of Campinas, Brazil