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                  The e*pub Group is able to provide complete services of electronic  
         publication in several media and formats, such as CD-ROM, diskette, Internet,  
         WWW, etc.):  

                Project, prototyping and conversion ;  
                Programming and formatting for WWW publishing (HTML) ;  
                Production, data preparation, WWW uploading ;  
                Digital acquisition of sounds and images, videos, etc. ;  
                Programming of special procedures in WWW servers (CGI) ;  
                Manual and automatic indexing of publications and advertising in the main  
                  Internet/WWW directories and indexes ;  

                 The e*pub Group is able to carry out a complete cycle of project,  
         implementation and publication of electronic journals and books; taking charge, if  
         desired, of the complete editorial process, either for completely new publications  
         or for the conversion of existing ones.  

                 For more details and proposals please contact:  

               Valdenize Tiziani, DSc, General Coordinator     
               Renato M.E. Sabbatini, PhD, Technical Coordinator     

Center for Biomedical Informatics
State University of Campinas, Brazil